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Scholl Construction Delivers Quality Construction

Quality construction relies on skilled craftsmen. With Scholl Construction only the most qualified experts will work on your custom built home, tie that home addition into your existing house, create that desired atmosphere in your newly remodeled kitchen, bathroom and family room, or deliver an awe-inspiring business remodel of your store or office. Our project managers know how to move projects along smoothly from start to finish.

Scholl Construction Company Introduction

Founded in 2002, Scholl Construction Company is a building contractor specializing in innovative, top quality projects ranging from custom built homes, extensive home renovations, home additions, as well as commercial remodels and commercial construction in McHenry County and surrounding areas. Owner, Peter Scholl, built his business from the ground up with an eye to quality, attention to detail and dedication to customer service.

With more than 20 years in the profession and thousands of quality construction projects completed, Peter has learned the difference between slapping a house together and purposely building a home. As a project manager with several developers, including the oldest and largest builder in the nation, Peter learned there is a right way to build homes and commercial construction projects and that it’s never right to build it wrong.

A home transforms your whole life. It becomes a major part of your reality. Our goal is to ensure that people have a home that is a warm, secure and nurturing foundation for a fuller life. We don’t just build homes, we build dreams.­­­

Taking personal pride in completed projects, Peter will guide you through and document each step of the construction process to make certain there are no surprises. We have experience in all phases of construction, including structural and architectural drawings, land purchases, financing, building permits, material selection and an infinite number of other details pertaining to custom home building, extensive home remodeling and commercial renovation. Choose a building contractor you can trust.

Choose Scholl Construction Company and make your dreams come true.