Commercial Exterior and Structural Renovations

Let’s say you buy a new commercial building and would like to give the exterior a facelift to make it all your own. Or what if you acquire a new piece of equipment and realize you need to renovate the interior of your building to accommodate it? Where do you turn when you realize you need exterior renovations or structural repairs to your commercial building?

Give Scholl Construction a call. Our portfolio of commercial structural renovation jobs features a range of projects, including updates to the style and appearance of building exteriors with siding, brick, stone or paint; adding or replacing windows; renovating entryways and loading docks; and interior structural reinforcements to support the installation of new equipment.

We have built our commercial construction business by providing outstanding service to our customers. Each project starts with a meeting to learn exactly what you hope to accomplish with your exterior or structural renovation. We want to know what is driving the project, what special or unique problems you are trying to solve, whether you have building code issues to resolve, or any other relevant concerns. From there, we will design the perfect project plan to renovate your commercial building and give you a better result than you imagined.

With nearly two decades of experience in commercial construction, Scholl Construction has the skill and expertise to make your commercial building better than new.

Commercial renovation - structural improvements
Exterior structural repairs
Interior structural repair - after - new windows and floor

Other Commercial Projects

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