New Commercial Construction and Development

Looking to build a new office building? Need new commercial space for your manufacturing business? Perhaps you are searching for an experienced commercial contractor to help you build out your retail development or industrial park. Or maybe your church family has outgrown your temporary space and you need a building all your own.

Scholl Construction has the experience to help you make your new commercial space come to life. We have a track record of success and safety that speaks for itself. From permits to building codes to accessibility requirements, we understand the unique challenges of new commercial development and will partner with you to get it done.

You can rely on Scholl Construction to:

  • Use only experienced subcontractors, fully licensed to work on your projects

  • Provide realistic timelines and budget

  • Give you expert advice on permits, regulations, inspections and other requirements

  • Communicate any updates to the schedule and overall status of the project on a regular basis

  • Deliver reliable service

  • Keep our promises

  • Build it right the first time

Commercial Development Build-Out Services

Choose Scholl Construction to be your contractor of choice for tenants to use for their custom build-outs in your commercial buildings. Using one commercial construction company to manage the build-outs for every unit will make occupying the space faster and easier for you and your new tenants.

Let’s discuss your commercial development plans.

New construction -boat house
White box build out - new Algonquin office
View of tennis courts in retreat building

Other Commercial Projects

Let’s talk!

We would love to talk with you about your project, whether you have just started planning, or you have full plans and are ready to build.