Custom Home Remodeling and Renovation Services

Whether you’ve purchased a fixer-upper or you’re finally ready to tackle the custom renovation on the home you’ve lived in for years, you know you’re facing a big project. Remodeling will make everything new and different, but it’s called home improvement for a reason. The true goal of any custom home renovation is to make your house a better fit and more comfortable for your family.

We are experts at recognizing a home’s potential. We don’t just see things as they are; we see things as they can be. On top of that, we understand the need for positive communication and active listening when working with our clients. We want you to tell us everything you want in your interior or exterior remodeling project.

Perhaps you are dreaming of an updated exterior to increase your curb appeal. Maybe your family has grown, and you need to update your interior to provide greater functionality or replace outdated features. When we learn from you what you want to do with a room, an area of your home, or even the exterior, we know how to make it happen. Our craftsmen have the skill, experience and passion for quality necessary to make your custom home renovation project a complete success and more than worth the effort.

Scholl is the Custom Home Remodeling and Renovation Contractor You’ve Been Looking For

From start to finish, Scholl Construction guarantees your complete satisfaction. Along with regular status reports, we start the process with a clear explanation of the scope of the project, timelines and costs. We hire craftsmen who not only provide the highest quality work, but are also experts at minimizing mess and inconvenience for our clients. We use a robust online project portal to help you monitor the progress of your project, keep track of your choices of materials and finishes, and check the schedule of craftsmen who will be onsite in your home.

Most important of all, we communicate the costs of our home renovation services going in, and we don’t present you with surprise invoices when we’re done.

All of our custom home remodeling and renovation projects are built with warmth and soul to make your home better for you and your family. From outside to inside, kitchens to bathrooms, and everything in between, no interior remodeling or exterior renovation project is too large or too small. Allow us to help you make your home improvements a reality by getting in touch with us today.

Exterior renovation - after patio
Remodeled Laundry Room
Whole house remodel - reclaimed wood on walls for family room

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