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Successful construction projects begin with a solid foundation. Your custom built project is likely  your biggest investment and enhancing it should not be left to chance. Do your homework in advance to ensure that your project is delivered within your time frame and budget.

So…. Where do you start?

Here are five tips for choosing the right builder for your construction project:

  1. Experience Matters – It is essential that your builder have experience in the specific type of project you have in mind. Don’t let your project be a practice run. Ask if they have completed similar projects to yours. Ask for and check references before starting a job. Consider longevity. How long has the builder been in business? Will they be there for you in the future? Watch out for fly-by-night businesses. Don’t trust your biggest investment to a guy with a truck and a hammer!
  2. Ethics and Professionalism – Treat this partnership the same way you would with any personal relationship or business venture. Get to know the builder before making your selection by reviewing credentials and professional profiles. Check out the builder’s website. Make sure the builder has a presence in the area. Do they participate in the local Chamber of Commerce or other organizations? Ask for documentation of workman’s compensation insurance and liability insurance before starting the job.
  3. Creativity and Problem-solving – For the most innovative and exciting results, be sure that the builder is able to supplement your vision with creative alternatives to enhance your ideas. Does the builder bring knowledge of the latest developments in energy efficiency, sustainability, and style? Are you getting a sense that the builder sweats the small stuff and pays attention to the details? Little details add up to big successes or, if overlooked, big disappointments!
  4. Listening and Customer Service – Communication is critical to success. As you discuss your thoughts and expectations with the builder, be specific. Make sure your builder understands your needs. What is the extent of the project? There are a wide range of materials and options. Be sure you are both on the same page with expectations of the project and budget. A detailed written final estimate specifying all labor and material costs should be presented before proceeding.
  5. A Sense of Urgency – And finally, before you enter into the partnership, set and agree on a realistic time frame for the project. It is critical for both parties to manage expectations and agree on a specific time frame.

Building a new home, creating the perfect commercial space for your business, or renovating your existing home or business is a big decision. It’s important to choose the right team of professionals to successfully turn your dreams into reality at a cost you can afford. You can trust Scholl Construction to help you right from the start. Call us at 815-479-0910, or contact us online to schedule a complimentary consultation.