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What will it cost to build your dream?

Extensive remodeling Bull Valley, IL front

Creating a realistic home renovation budget

You’ve decided it’s time to finally explore the extensive home renovation project you’ve dreamed about. You have a pretty good idea of what you want, you’ve pored over countless websites like Houzz, Wayfair, and created a Pinterest board with pictures of design ideas you like. You’ve put together a list of must haves and maybe even a sketch of what your renovated kitchen or expanded family room, updated master suite, or other project will look like. You have a budget in mind for what you think it will all cost and what you are comfortable spending.

Now it’s time to consult with a builder to get an idea if your home renovation budget fits your dreams. That’s when the fun begins.

For anyone who has watched any of the home improvement reality television shows, you may think the perfect home remodeling project can be done in a few weeks for an unreasonable amount of money. Though they are called reality show, they present home renovation projects in an unrealistic way.

A realistic example can be seen on the TV show, Love It or List It. Each program showcases a couple living in a house that simply doesn’t work well for their family anymore. One person wants to move, the other want to do some extensive renovations and stay. The couple always has a firm budget in mind, and no matter what the budget, the couple always has to compromise on the renovations that can actually be done.

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Best of the Fox Voting Starts Today!

Vote for Scholl Construction - Best of the Fox

Best of the Fox voting is now open – Vote daily through April 21st.

Each year, the Northwest Herald sponsors an annual contest and asks its readers to name the best of the best in McHenry County. Thousands vote for their favorite local businesses in more than 150 categories.

Scholl Construction was voted Best of the Fox by our loyal fans for the last two years. We appreciate everyone that took the time to vote. And hope that you will vote again.  Voting starts TODAY and runs through April 21st.

Voting is that easy!
If this if your first time voting, you will be prompted to complete your registration. Unless you log out or change devices, you will stay logged into the contest. If you are an existing voter and are logged out, simply enter your email address, name and zip code and you will be sent an email with a link to log back in to vote.
If you are planning to vote for Scholl Construction…
Click on the link: 2019 Northwest Hearal Best of the Fox Reader’s Choice Awards
go to the House & Home Services category and type in Scholl Construction for Home Builder.

Come back daily and vote again and again and again!
You can vote for all your favorites once a day through April 21st. The business owners will appreciate your time and effort and you’ll have the fun of deciding the Best of the Fox! 

Thank you!

What are you going to plant this Spring?

It’s time to start planting for spring. Planting the seeds for your custom built home, large home remodel or commercial construction project… that is!

The snow is almost gone, the buds are peeking out and now is the time to begin planning for that home remodeling project you have been dreaming about. The key to success is in the details and details take time. Grab a cup of coffee a glass of wine, open your laptop or design magazines and let your imagination run wild.

Thorough planning eliminates surprises and ensures that your building project is delivered on time and on budget. Start the planning now and you’ll get a jump on the construction season. Check out websites and magazines to gather ideas and photographs. If you don’t know about the website Houzz.com, check it out. There are tons stunning ideas for great home remodeling and custom homes.

Minor tweak or major overhaul? Your building contractor will help you get your dreams on paper and shape them into an action plan. Good communication will ensure that you are both able to manage expectations and end up with the intended result.|

Modest facelift? Or no-hold-barred, first class luxury all the way? No matter what your budget dictates, working closely with your custom building team ensures that you will get the most bang for your buck! They can help you narrow the list to prioritize the must-haves from the nice-to-haves.

large remodeling in Bull Valley, IL

A cozy classic? Or out of this world contemporary? Building out for a growing family? Or remodeling for easier navigation of the golden years. Your remodeling contractor will complement your ideas with a variety of options and alternatives.

Materials and surfaces
Maintenance-free? Traditional care? Classic, rich naturals or sleek updated composites: Brick, frame, granite, stone, tile. It’s a material world! Consider stopping by a design center or two to learn about the myriad of options available.

Your home builder needs time too-
Time to work with you on the plans. Time to get you on the schedule. Time to order materials and apply for permits. Early planning pays! There’s no time like the present!

Start planting those seeds now.
As the snow melts, you’ll be ready to get a jump on your new remodeling project. Scholl Construction can help put all the pieces together so your custom construction will begin to blossom. Make an appointment today to kick start your dream project. We look forward to hearing from you.

On a clear day…. it’s important to choose your windows wisely.

View your window options

Nearly every project we build requires windows, no matter if it’s a new or renovated commercial or residential space. The question is, “What type of window is right for your home or office.” There are a lot of options to consider, whether it’s the type of construction material, the window style, the energy efficiency or the cost.

Of course, there are some well-known brand names in windows, such as Pella, Marvin and Anderson. I urge my clients not to choose their windows simply on the basis of the brand name. The key is to focus on what you want in your windows. Determine what you like and don’t like in your present windows to learn what is important to have in your new windows. Some questions to ask might be:

  • Do you like the style of your windows, or would you prefer a different type? For example, you have casement style, but would like double hung in your new home.
  • How much impact do your windows have on your energy bills? How much does that matter to you?
  • Do the windows open and close as designed?
  • Are you able to decorate your home as you would like with these windows?
  • How much maintenance do your windows require? Is that the right amount or would you like to reduce window maintenance?
  • How important are the windows in the budget of your overall project?

Once you have a clear idea of what is important to you in your new windows, you can begin to examine all the options available to narrow down your selection.

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Choose a builder you can trust

custom built home in Spring Grove

The best projects are built on a foundation of trust

Trust. When you are tackling a home or office renovation, trust in your contractor is essential. Any new construction or renovation project is stressful, but a renovation project oftentimes is also very disruptive to normal daily life or business activities. Budget, timelines, reliable workers and respect for your existing spaces are all elements that play into a renovation project. You want to trust that your contractor is looking out for your best interests throughout every phase of the project.

So, how do you determine if a contractor is worthy of your trust? That’s a tough question because every person has their own way of establishing trust. However, there are four key elements that we, at Scholl Construction, believe are essential to building a relationship of trust with our clients. As you evaluate different contractors and begin your home or office renovation project, we encourage you to keep these four elements in mind.

Custom built home in Spring Grove

Finding the right contractor

When you evaluate different contractors to help you make your renovation project a reality, there are two key things to look for:

1. Being up-front and honest about relevant credentials and processes
Your contractor should be able to share with you the details about his or her education and background, as well as the qualifications of the subcontractors and tradespeople who will be working in your home or office building. You should also be able to get an idea of how he or she tackles a project and what you can expect to experience when working with his or her firm. Any hesitation about credentials or processes is a red flag that should send you on a search for another contractor.

2. Providing references, testimonials and/or having an online presence
It’s tough to learn about the quality of a contractor’s work when you are unable to refer to some examples. While not every contractor will have a robust website for you to scroll through at your leisure at home, they should be able to show you photos of previous jobs and letters of recommendation from former clients. Even a gallery of past jobs will help you to see if the contractor has experience doing the kind of work your project requires. If a contractor cannot provide a few examples of past work and satisfied clients, it’s probably a good idea to move on and find a contractor that’s a better fit for you.

custom built home master bath

Working with your contractor

Once you have selected your contractor, entered into a formal agreement and have financial interest in moving the project forward, there are two essential ways your contractor can build on your trust and ensure the success of your collaboration.

3. Preparing a detailed estimate of the entire scope of the renovation project
Your contractor should be able to provide you with a written estimate of all the materials and labor costs, along with a timeline for the project. Your estimate is a valuable tool that ensures the construction plan matches the architectural and engineering drawings and aligns with your vision for your new space.

The estimate is really a defined scope of work that sets your expectations and provides a framework to determine when changes are outside the initial plan. Most projects encounter unforeseen hiccups along the way, but with the estimate in place from the outset, you and your contractor will be able to determine if the project is going off track and where changes in the plan should be addressed. A comprehensive estimate is perhaps the most important element of your relationship with your contractor. Make sure you are satisfied with it before your project moves forward.

open layout custom home

4. Promptly answering your questions

From the very start, you will have questions about your project. At the very least, you will want to know if and when workers will be at your home or office, especially if you are still occupying the space during the renovation.

You should expect to receive return phone calls and emails from your contractor providing the answers you want and need in a timely manner. Everyone is busy but taking care of customers and making sure they are comfortable at every stage of the project should always be a contractor’s priority. Be sure to discuss your communication requirements and set expectations with your contractor at the outset to avoid frustrations and misunderstandings.

A good working relationship between you and your contractor begins with a foundation of trust. Take the time to ask the same questions of every contractor you consider for your project to find the right team for your job.

You can trust Scholl Construction to listen to your needs and understand your vision for your new home or office space or your commercial or residential renovation. Call Peter Scholl at Scholl Construction at 815-479-0910, or contact us online to discuss how we can turn your dream into reality.

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