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What to do about a roof

Examining an exterior renovation
Extensive renovation work can be challenging. Fitting new elements with the existing structure to end up with a cohesive finished product can often take some construction ingenuity. Such was the case when my repeat clients retained Scholl Construction to give the exterior of their home a much-needed facelift. The homeowners wanted to transform the look of their relatively plain 1960s-style house into a more updated style, better suited to the other homes in the neighborhood. They had already updated some of the interior spaces and were ready to give the exterior of their home a little TLC.

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Planing ahead makes for a better timeline

Custom construction timeline

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Planning  You’ve been thinking about building your custom dream home for a while now. But do you know what it takes to get started? This timeline will show you how long you can expect each stage to take. The planning stage which includes design, financials, permits, selections, deciding on every detail from flooring to cabinets to appliances, an take up to 3 months. And that’s even before the foundation is dug. Getting this part right will save time later on. Think your project through; this is likely to be the largest and most complicated project you will ever work on!  Be realistic. Quality takes time. Don’t rush it.

Construction  The building phase can take from 4 – 6 months. Every phase of this process depends on a lot of external factors such as the condition of the lot, site prep; what kind of foundations your are laying, the structure of the building, and what types of materials you are using. Installing stone or brick will take longer than siding. Weather should be considered when building a realistic timeline. Rain or bitter cold can delay the building process.

Finish  Now that the walls are up and the roof is on your project is starting to look more like a home. This is where the fun begins! All the interior jobs will be finish; walls painted; floor done; cabinets installed; electrical and plumbing finished. This is also the time for construction walk-thru’s and inspections and soon your custom built home will be ready to move in.

Start planning now for your Spring construction projects. The processes of all these stages take time.  Call Peter at Scholl Construction and start building your timeline today. We’re here to help!

Cozy up to a new fireplace!


Fireplace possibilities are endless

Fireplaces and wood-burning stoves add character to a home or office. They radiate welcoming comfort and draw people into the room. Some fireplace designs also create enough warmth to supplement the heating system and help lower heating bills. There are a lot of reasons why you might choose to add a fireplace or stove when building a new custom home, doing a renovation or creating new office or commercial space. There are also several fireplace styles and options.

To choose the best fireplace option for your custom construction project, start by asking yourself why you want a fireplace; how do you envision the fireplace in your space and what does it look like in your mind? Do you crave the stately appearance and cozy ambience of a traditional wood-burning, masonry fireplace? Are glowing flames, crackling logs and the aroma of the fire are part of your vision for your new home? Are you looking for your fireplace to supplement the heating in your office – to reduce your heating bills while creating an atmosphere that welcomes your customers? Do you want the dramatic effect of a fire, but have no wish to keep a supply of wood or clean up the ashes?

Understanding your motivation to include a fireplace or stove in your design will drive the styles you should consider when talking with your architect or custom builder. Let’s take a look at the options.

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Custom builders are not alike


4 business practices that set a custom builder apart

Choosing the right custom builder for your new home, commercial space or renovation project can be very stressful. Your concerns about construction quality, costs, budget and timelines are just part of the equation. You’ll also want to know how well your own individual expectations about the entire process align with your builder’s style. In other words, how well will you be integrated into the planning, and how often will you receive progress updates and other communications from your builder.

Another factor to consider is the experience and skills of the craftsmen and other professionals who will be involved in your project. Will the tradespeople be employed directly by the builder or does he/she hire subcontractors to perform the work? It can also be very valuable to learn how well each builder is connected to the architects, designers and realtors in the area.

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What questions should I ask my custom builder before I build?

Starting a home building project, remodeling or a commercial construction remodel can be one of the most stressful times in your life. Likely you have never embarked on a home project of this scale before. If you know the BIG questions to ask  when picking the right building contractor, you will proceed with confidence knowing your custom built home will turn out just as you had planned; on-time and within budget. And… you just might have a little fun in the process!


Hi, it’s Peter Scholl, with Scholl Construction, with another building construction video. Today’s topic is, What questions should I ask my custom builder before I build? Renovations and building are stressful, period. In fact, according to most surveys I read, building is one of the most stressful events you’ll encounter in your entire lifetime. Why are custom building projects so stressful? A lot of it has to do with communication or lack of communication.

Very often customers don’t know questions to ask up front, and they experience a steep learning curve during the building or remodeling process. In order to avoid that, you have to make sure you’re working with a professional builder or contractor who’s been through the process many times and knows how to handle all aspects of the construction process.

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