Contractor, Architect or Interior Designer?

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Lights, Camera, Action! Teamwork Results in Academy Award Worthy Home Construction

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While you are, without question, the star of your custom home or commercial construction project, you can’t do it alone. Just like a major Hollywood production, success depends upon the cast of experts you hire to turn your vision into reality. Some of these folks will be working behind the scenes; others “in front of the camera” to smooth out the process and eliminate the drama. The greatest success results from the collaboration of experts, each contributing to the final picture.

So, you ask: Where do I start and whom do I call? Who is best for my home or commercial remodel project? Contractor, Architect, Interior Designer? The answer is “D. All of the above!”

When you include all three aspects in your project, you reap the benefits of collective experience and knowledge coming from different points of view to find the best solutions. This triangular approach will help avoid delays, disruptions and disappointments. By investing more resources upfront, you will be better satisfied with the outcome at the end.

Here’s how the team works:
As gatekeeper, the contractor serves as the executive producer handling the materials, logistics, timeline and budget. Your contractor is the expert in managing all of the moving parts.

The architect’s focus will be on how the space will be used, directing the action to maximize the design, structure and flow.

As set designer, the interior decorator will coordinate the look, feel and theme –— adding the finishing touches that tie the whole project together into a spectacular production.

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Critical to success are communication, understanding your goals and the managing your expectations. By working together with you, potential glitches can be identified early and then avoided.   Coordinating the project inside and out helps eliminate false starts and unpleasant surprises. While your focus may be on an element or two, it is important that the total project be visualized in order to make the best individual design and construction choices. Here’s where the Contractor-Architect- Interior Designer team offers tremendous value. Seeing the project as a whole and not as bits and pieces, is a unique talent that all three disciplines share. Tap into that expertise!

And when changes are necessary, the talented trio can offer their insight to help you understand and then expedite alternative solutions.

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