So, you’re at one of life’s crossroads and its decision time. You’ve got a great yard, mature trees, ideal location that’s close to everything and surrounded by wonderful neighbors. But—you’ve outgrown your vintage dream home. What do you do?

How about a makeover? If you’re happy where you are, the answer to your construction dream may be a tear down. By reinventing the space you’re in, you’ll breathe new life into your exiting surroundings.  If your current home has good bones, there are several great advantages to tearing down and building up. Check out these amazing examples.

Location. Location. Location. Keeping it neighborly

Don’t move! Stay where you are! Continue to enjoy all the surrounding amenities you’ve grown to love, but from the vantage point of a whole new space. Keep the neighbors, replace the house.

Dream the impossible dream

Starting with a good foundation, your existing home can be transformed into something exciting and new. Your contractor can help you visualize the possibilities… An addition? A new four-car garage? A second story? A basement? Total facelift from the studs on up? Get ready to experience the magic of remodeling.

Streamlining the permit process

Securing building permits is often easier on an existing footprint. In many cases, building codes are grandfathered in. New requirements for soil samples (as an example) simply may not apply to you, which speeds up the process.

A taxing situation

While it’s been said that the only certainties in life are death and taxes, taxes don’t necessarily go up when you tear your place down. Staying put and going for a face lift can make dollars and sense!

Little things add up to big things:  A thoughtful and detailed estimate makes all the difference when it comes to a successful construction project, no matter what size the job. Why all the fuss? With a precisely defined scope, expectations can be effectively managed and realistic time lines can be created. You can see where your money is being spent and make informed decisions to upgrade or pare back depending on budget parameters. You can adjust your expectations by selecting options on a la carte basis: one from column A and one from column B! Detailed planning upfront will help you avoid unpleasant surprises and delays.

Scholl Construction believes in the importance of an extremely detailed quote. Your home is the largest investment you’ll ever make. Don’t leave any of the details to chance!

Next steps? Now what?

At a crossroads? Start with the seasoned professionals of Scholl Construction. They’ll help you see the full potential of the space you’re in and offer creative ideas to breathe new life into that old space.

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