What to Consider Before You Start

So, you’ve got your brand new space all picked out and you’re ready for the build out. Now what? With so many options to consider, where do you start to add your own special flavor to that vanilla box?

A good place to start is with a seasoned commercial contractor to work with your private business. Whether you’re building out for the first time, or remodeling your existing space, you’ll need to consider a myriad of options and details. Having an experienced contractor as your coach during the process makes all the difference.

Commercial renovate - expanded the take-out service to include a dine in area with a bar   Office Build out - waiting room   New Construction - studio and classroom

Size matters… Is the space suitable for your current needs? Does it offer flexibility for new configurations as your business grows? Is there enough parking? Have you considered accessibility requirements for your diverse and aging customers and staff? Your contractor should be willing and able to help you prepare for the future by offering creative ideas to maximize the current space and expand with your business.

Time is money… Detailed planning upfront will help you avoid unpleasant surprises and delays. Build out projects typically take from one to three months. Setting a completion deadline is critical, especially if you are currently renting temporary quarters or your business is open through the construction period. Be sure that your contractor understands your situation and works with you to get your business up and running fast, with a move-in date you can count on.

The code of success… A working knowledge of local building and zoning codes will ensure a smooth project. Your contractor will help you work through permitting and ADA requirements including strategic placement of grab bars and ramps. Don’t forget to include proper door and hallway width allowances for wheel chair turning to provide full access.

It’s easy being green… It’s easy being green when you work with a contractor who can help you make choices that maximize energy efficiency. The contractor will review the engineering plan for water use and flow in your new surroundings, and then help you confirm that there is ample green space and retention ponds to facilitate efficient water run-off. Nobody likes wet feet or soggy store rooms.

The finishing touches… Do you need a waiting room? A security surveillance system? A protected and secure entry way? Work with your contractor to help you see the full potential as you develop your dry wall and concrete space into a functional, comfortable base for your business and a visual statement that reflects your success.

White box build out - new office therapy room   White box build out - coffee shop/fellowship area   Commercial custom build - animal cages

Choose a general contractor that will help you imagine all of the possibilities and creatively turn your vision into realty. Choose Scholl Construction, we’ll transform your space from ordinary to extraordinary!