Success comes in many forms. During the Summer Olympics, going on now, we see individual athletes achieve their personal best after years of solitary and disciplined practice. We also see teams of top athletes working in perfect unison to go for the gold; each pushing themselves to perform at the top of their abilities and depending on their teammates to do the same. The spirit of teamwork is also the foundation of the most successful custom construction projects. When all of the moving parts harmonize to work as a well-tuned machine, the result is thumbs up, high-fives and smiles of sweet satisfaction all around.

Who’s Who?

Over the span of 19 years, Scholl Construction has had the privilege of working with a myriad of clients from a variety of walks of life. Our client list reads like a northern Illinois edition of Who’s Who. Business owners, entrepreneurs, educators, doctors, lawyers and spiritual leaders to name a few – each with their own tastes but sharing an appetite for excellence. Focus, vision and drive set these leaders apart. It has been our pleasure to work with each one to build their custom construction dreams, whether it is a new kitchen, an updated bathroom or finishing a basement space. We are energized by them and learn something from each one.

Building on a Platform of Success for Continuous Improvement

Every nuance of a custom construction project presents an opportunity to develop creative solutions. The collective experience reflected in our customer portfolio is the key to continuous improvement. Each of our clients comes to the project with a unique bundle of ideas, expectations and imagination. Scholl Construction feeds off of that creative energy. The best results are achieved through collaboration, confidence and communication, providing equal value and mutual benefit to client and builder alike. Every new project offers something to be learned— new challenges breed new solutions. What we learn from one project is applied to another. Our clients are the beneficiaries of our collective and diverse experience. And we grow, too!

Happily Ever After

Successful partnering on a building project is a bit like a good marriage, and at Scholl Construction, we’re proud of our long-term track record. Shared values and trust are critical to a solid foundation. Though each project is unique, Scholl’s clients share common threads.  Because chemistry is key to a good fit, the pre-project interview is a two-way enterprise. Selecting the right partner upfront ensures the honeymoon will never end.

Upgraded Master Bathroom with soaking tub   Finished Basement with Stone Fireplace   Historic Whole HOuse Remodel - Kitchen Island

A Heartfelt Thank You
So to all of our customers, past and future, we would like to say thank you. Thank you for sharing your dreams and selecting us to build them for you.  It has been and continues to be our pleasure to serve you. You are the foundation of our business. Thanks for the opportunity and the business. Let’s work together again soon.

Call Scholl Construction to set up a comprehensive on-site consultation. Let us help you turn your next vision into reality.