Like any life event, your construction project, whether it’s a custom home, an addition, a kitchen or bathroom remodel, or even a commercial building project, is a combination of great anticipation and managing expectations. There will be a variety of emotions as well as natural highs and lows during the process.  The momentum of a construction project naturally ebbs and flows and with that comes a variety of emotions. Construction has a rhythm all of its own but in the end and with the right partner, the result will be well worth waiting for!

Porch addition - included screened in porch  New Construction - studio and classroom  Master Bathroom Tub and Shower

Here’s a quick look at what you can expect:

  1. Decisions and Deadlines: Most folks are anxious to jump right in to get the project started. After months or even years of anticipation, it’s tough to take a step back, slow down and think through all of the details. But it is in this phase that possible pitfalls can be anticipated and avoided. As your trusted partner, your contractor will help you make sure you have considered all of the details. He’ll set up a work plan that outlines the process from start to finish, including important paperwork, (like permits) and deadlines for decisions and payments.
  1. Delays and Patience: Even with the most comprehensive plan in place, it is important to manage your expectations. The savvy contractor will build into the production schedule allowances for delays along the way. Financing, availability of materials, delivery delays and even weather can throw a monkey wrench into the works. That’s where patience and faith in your contractor comes in. Know that he’s been down this path before and will keep everything on track.
  1. Dust and Disorder: Drywall dust. There’s nothing finer. Literally! Carpeting, furniture, even your hair. Be prepared for some dust and disorder during the construction project. Your contractor will do his best to stage the work to create as little disruption to your routine as possible. Just keep in mind that drywall dust is a necessary means to a beautiful end project.
  1. Check and Double Check: Once the plan is in place, and the work is underway it’s important to stay engaged in the process. Take frequent walk-throughs. Keep the lines of communication open and speak up early if something doesn’t look right or you’d like to make a change. Don’t wait till the point of no return. It’s easy to move empty walls – not so much once plumbing and electrical have been put in place.
  1. Unbridled Delight: Get ready to do your happy dance. The end result will be worth the wait! You’ll enjoy a more productive business layout; an updated environment; a healthier, ergonomic lifestyle. Prepare yourself for compliments from neighbors, friends or employees. And be sure to invite them to the housewarming or the grand opening party to celebrate your new space.

By planning ahead and managing your expectations by knowing what’s ahead, you’ll avoid potential nightmares, as you turn construction dreams into reality. Call Scholl Construction today to get started on your project.