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Is the building you work or live in making you sick?
Breath easier with these solutions

As a fresh, new year begins, thoughts turn to resolutions for improving personal health and fitness. But did you know that there are ways to ensure that your home is in good health too? Developments in materials and production techniques have changed dramatically through the years resulting in healthier homes and buildings.

It’s a Material World
Great strides have been made by manufacturers to ensure that the materials used are as safe as they are beautiful. Lead has been removed from paint. Low VOC (volatile organic) materials are used in carpeting and wall coverings to eliminate the emission of irritating chemicals. Water-based paints replace environmentally unfriendly oil-based paints. Formaldehyde, arsenic and other caustic elements are being eliminated from consumer home products. The result? A generation of materials and manufacturing methods with a focus on health, safety and performance.

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Babying the Environment through Cradle-to-Cradle Recycling
Closely linked to material selection is the notion of cradle-to-cradle recycling. Manufacturers are now selecting materials that can later be completely recycled and reused. The cradle-to-cradle concept replaces the cradle-to-grave model which puts products in the land fill after the end of their useful lives.

Coming up for Air Quality 
Indoor air quality is in the news quite a bit these days with cautions about mold, mildew, allergens and radon. Using low-VOC materials is only one aspect improving indoor air quality. Proper air circulation is important too. Today, quality homes and buildings are so tightly constructed that the natural air flow is curtailed. While providing excellent climate control, the unintended consequence of these ultra-energy efficient homes can be poor air quality. The solution? You could leave windows open, add a fresh air intake pipe to your return duct work, or consider an air circulation system. HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilation) and ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilation) systems quietly provide an intake of fresh air and exhaust stale air. Both residential and commercial units are available.
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Environmentally-friendly products are affordable and easy to find. High efficiency appliances and plumbing products use less energy and water without sacrificing performance. As mentioned above, cradle-to cradle recycling takes the pressure off of our limited resources and landfills. There are countless green options on the market today: windows, insulation, paint, flooring, and light bulbs. You, your children and grandchildren will thank you for your choices.

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Ergonomic Design
And, as you work to care for the environment, remember to protect yourself too. Stretching, reaching, bending, slipping, falling… poor design can make your home or building a potential house of horrors for your body, especially as you and your loved ones age. A well thought-out plan that anticipates conditions and challenges will serve you well as the years go by. Retrofitting your existing plan with practical safety aids is the right thing to do.

Is your head swimming?
The bottom line is that your home or workplace shouldn’t make you sick. Call Scholl Construction today to sort it all out.