Got Blueprints? Still Just Dreaming? Scholl Construction can help.

A lot of work must be done before the first shovel of dirt is dug to build your new home. Blueprints are just the first step. In this video, Peter Scholl gives a high-level view of the steps needed to be taken before construction can start.

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I have blueprints and want to get started. What’s next?

The next step is we would work together under what I call a design fee and what the design fee does is engages me and my team to be working with you. And we work together to finish up your project planning. We’ll need to take your blueprints of the house you want to build, engineered to the piece of land that you own.

You’re going to need soil tests to make sure your foundation is adequately supported with the soil conditions you have and then you’re going to need engineering. We’re going to need to place that house on the property, according to the grades and facing the direction that you want to have it face.

And then we’ll move on to the permitting process in the selection and material ordering. So, if everything moves as fast as possible, you’re looking at two months for architectural finishing, engineering probably a month for permitting. So, you’re three months. Then we’re going to start ordering your materials and picking out everything you want. That’ll be six months out and then we’ll start construction, and your house will be done about seven months from then.

Once we’ve started, how do I keep tabs on the schedule/progress of my project?

We have a schedule that we write out in the computer program that we use for our project software and we update it at least once a week as to who’s coming and when they’re coming. But yeah, even with ordering materials so far in advance, sometimes they say they’re coming, they don’t show up. Many of our subcontractors are short staffed these days. So, you know, if one or two guys go down with a sickness or an equipment problem, we might need to put schedule out a few weeks. But the main thing, that is going to hold us back, is getting your materials ordered.