Can You Guess What Number I’m Thinking Of?

Playing cards is a great way to pass the time but it’s not the right approach to planning a home or commercial construction project. Don’t turn the estimating process into a guessing game.

How High is the Sky?
Being honest about your budget parameters with a contractor that you trust is the best way to ensure that you and he are on the same page. Just as it’s impossible to answer, ‘How much is a vacation? (Are you going to Fiji or Peoria?)’, there is no correct answer to the question, ‘How much per square foot will my project cost?’

Front Door Entrance   Open Concept Living Area   Master Bathroom Tub

Putting a Price Tag on Value
To quote an article in Professional Builder magazine, Contributing Editor Bob Schultz says “Price per square foot is the least accurate and frankly the most ridiculous way to determine the true value of a project. Professional appraisers cannot all agree on the exact formula, or even what to count as square footage.”

Luxury Custom-Built Home exterior, Carpentersville, IL   Universal Design - first floor family room   Master Bathroom Suite with soaking tub and vanity

Define the Project Scope
Your expectations, choices in materials and design and amenities, combine to define the finished project. Vinyl, wood or metal windows? Vinyl, wood or masonry exterior? Exterior spaces? Parking considerations? The price range can be vast, from thousands to tens-of-thousands.

Honesty Is the Best Policy
Sometimes folks may be hesitant to show their hand, perhaps fearing that by knowing the budget the contractor will over-spend and be sure to use the budget all up. Your contractor is not a mind-reader and there are no winners in a guessing game. When you work with a contractor you trust, providing a specific budget range will help him zero in much more quickly on the scope of the entire project. Even a ballpark number helps eliminate the guesswork. He will then be able to recommend options that fit into your budget to get you the most for your investment.

View of tennis courts in retreat building  tennis house balcony made with wood cut from the property   Corporate Retreat Workout Room

Custom… Not Cookie Cutter!
Custom Built is exactly that, it’s custom. The final plan is limited only by your imagination! (Well… that and your pocketbook). Custom work means there is no one-price-fits-all formula. By considering all of the elements of the master plan upfront, the sum of the parts will come together for a completed project that reflects your vision and fits your budget.

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